It’s been an exceptional honey flow in Lincoln:  Paul W. extracted his first super the last week of May and hasn’t stopped since – best year ever in his 14 years of Beekeeping!  Here are a couple of nice shots, bee on hydrangea, and bee with hornet on sumac (way to share girls) :
Bee on hydrangea

Bee and wasp on Sumac


Gotta get lucky once in a while… Paul W. writes, “Yesterday one of my hives swarmed and didn’t even leave the yard!  You have to get lucky and get an easy one once in a while. Easily recaptured and started a new hive with it.”

Easy Swarm


A day at the zoo… Here is a picture of John Moore manning the RIBA table at the Roger Williams Park Zoo on Monday April 21, 2014 in celebration of Earth Day.  RIBA has been represented at the Zoo all week by the generous RIBA member/volunteers of the Presentation Committee.John Moore at the Zoo

We love to see our bees in the Spring.    Paul W.  writes  “This was taken Saturday, at my home in Lincoln, it was 56 degrees, and the bees were all over my bird feeder.  Bird seed smells like pollen to them.  In the past I have found birdseed on the pullout tray under my screened bottom boards.”
Paul W

Evelyn shared this happy crocus:


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