Feel like you have solid experience to offer guidance to new beekeepers?   To become a mentor send an email to


  • All beekeepers have their own opinions, sometimes more than one each. RIBA does not recommend any particular method or point of view over another. 
  • Mentors are volunteers, they are not compensated in any way nor endorsed by RIBA.  They are only assisting you in your beekeeping journey.
  • When asking a mentor to visit your apiary you may want to keep the following things in mind to prevent the spread of disease:
    • Have a your smoker and fuel ready 
    • Have your hive tools out
    • Have disposable gloves available

Coverage Bee Mentors Phone / E-mail
Barrington, WarrenLiying Peng401-569-8869
Bristol, Tiverton, Newport, East ProvidenceEd Karle401-741-1474
Charleston, Westerly, WakefieldSara Michaud401-932-5124
CumberlandLynn Davignon401-333-5960
East BayJane Mackenzie DennisonHome 401-374-9105 Work 401-247-1644
Eastern Connecticut, Foster, Coventry, West GreenwichRoss Ferrugia401-265-2816
Eastern Connecticut, Foster, Coventry, West GreenwichGlenn Lawton860-234-1519
JohnstonEllen Fillion401-831-5060
Lincoln, Cumberland, PawtucketPaul
North Providence and surrounding areaDaniel Messier401-334-3484
North Smithfield to WarwickEd Lafferty & Celeste Nadwomy401- 261-9641
Northern RIDenis Chamberland401-766-7379
Northern RIChuck Wood401-949-5826
Providence CountyScott Langlais401-837-3616
Providence CountyJohn Moore401-641-4656
Providence CountyMalinda Coletta401-992-4233
Providence CountyCynthia Holt401-595-6668
Providence, Cranston, WarwickCarolyn Fleuhr-Lobban401-467-2857
Scituate, Cranston, JohnstonNancy and Jeff Laurie401-647-5966
Seekonk, RehobothSherry Holm401-864-5140
South Kingston, Narragansett, Charlestown, RichmondBob WeinreichHome 401-789-3761 Cell 401-741-4112
South CountyLou Chasse401-295-0888
South CountyDoug Kraus401-474-5756
South County/RichmondJohn Dalton401-601-7714
Washington, Kent, and Newport CountiesJeff McGuireHome 401-789-1144 Cell 401-741-7672