Mite Testing Survey and Map

Regular mite testing and treatment (when indicated) is arguably the most important factor in overall honey bee health and winter survival. In order to encourage regular mite testing, please fill out the following Survey at monthly intervals.

Another goal of the survey is to provide members with an idea of the mite concentrations in bee yards near them. This may provide an early warning of rising mite populations nearby indicating the need for more frequent testing. When you submit your survey response(s), they will update this map, which can be used to see what is happening in “your neck of the woods”.

The survey below is short and sweet! Choose the option that includes your highest mite count in a bee yard. If you have colonies in more than one location, complete the survey for each location. Write in the exact address of the bee yard you are reporting. The locations will appear as dots on the map, but the exact address will remain confidential and cannot be seen on the map as the dots disappear as you zoom in. Providing the location is important to allow beekeepers nearby to see what the mite numbers are near them. You can zoom in to see street names in order to locate your apiary location. The scale on the map will allow you to see the mite numbers within an approximate 3 mile radius of your location.

There is also a small text box in the survey. Use this to provide any feedback or suggestions regarding the survey. Future mite surveys may include an additional question or two about testing method and treatment use.