Bee School

Would You Like to Learn Beekeeping?  Bee School

Beginner Beekeeping Classes start in February each year.  The next RIBA Bee School will start in February 2018 to prepare new beekeepers for starting hives in Spring 2018.

It has been very popular and successful for folks to get on the Advance Notice List to get registration information as soon as it becomes available in the Fall, 2017.  It doesn’t obligate you to anything but you will be the first to know when we know.

This course will cover everything the beginning beekeeper needs to know.  Subjects will include getting started, the honeybee life cycle, choosing an apiary site, buying bees and equipment, assembly of the hive, installing package bees, catching swarms, nectar sources, bee diseases and pests, hive inspections and wintering.  A variety of beekeeping equipment will be displayed and demonstrated each week.

To sign up for the Advance Notice List, please send your name, contact information and preferred location of northern RI (RI College, Providence RI) or southern  (University of RI, Kingston RI) to Betty Mencucci:
or send it by US mail to:  RIBA Bee School,  PO Box 64,  Greenville,  RI  02828


ntermediate Beekeeping Class
Would you like to increase your beekeeping skills?

An Intermediate Bee School, co-sponsored by RIBA and RIC will usually be held in July at Rhode Island College. It consists of a 2 hour classroom session and a 1 hour lab in the apiary at the college. The school will be taught by Betty Mencucci and is open to all members of RIBA who have some beekeeping experience or who have taken the beginner class and are seeking to advance their beekeeping knowledge and skills.

The class will deal with subjects such as colony inspection, finding the queen, requeening a colony, evaluating the strength and health of the hive, swarm prevention, creating splits, best practices for colony management and expansion, and determining levels of varroa mites and best treatment methods.

The cost of the class is $35 for members and $50 for non-members. The number of enrollees will be limited to 25 students per class.


We offer Intermediate classes in the summer for those who wish to increase their beekeeping skills.   As summer approaches, check back for more information.