Join us Sunday May 17

For a special “after dinner” meeting with Dr Kim Skyrm, Massachusetts Chief Apiary Inspector. Kim will be speaking on IPM techniques for varroa control. It’s important to have a plan in place BEFORE your mite counts spike, so this will be invaluable information for new beekeepers especially.

A link with the Zoom meeting info will be emailed to all members in good standing a few days prior to the meeting.

RIBA 2020 Spring/Summer Update

Beekeeping is an ancient occupation, but the successful beekeeper in 2020 is one who has learned to adapt to changing times. We can no longer just stick hives in a field, ignore them, and expect to have healthy colonies (or honey crops) at the end of the year. Mite treatment guidelines are continually being refined, antibiotics now require a Veterinary Feed Directive to purchase, and a new collection of gadgets and fad hive designs is available every year.  RIBA has always honored the wisdom and traditions of the past while simultaneously looking towards the future. We don’t want to cling to lore and anecdote, or ignore potentially important innovations. This spring is certainly putting that philosophy to the test. I had anticipated challenges when I was elected, but obviously nothing like the situation we’re dealing with now. Rest assured, RIBA is committed to fulfilling our core goals as laid out by our bylaws: education, best practices, cooperation, support, and networking. How we will accomplish these goals will look different this summer than it has in the past, but we’re beekeepers; by nature we are resilient, stubborn, and iconoclastic. I think we can also add optimistic to that list; beekeeping is more challenging than ever, and the potential rewards come months, or years, in the future, yet here we are.
If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about how we can better serve RI’s bees and beekeepers during this period, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me personally.

Spring Banquet (April 25) – The actual banquet has, of course, been postponed, but our speaker, Gary Reuter (University of Minnesota), will be addressing us via Zoom at 1pm. You should have already received the meeting login information via email. Zoom if free, easy to use, and takes just a few moments to set up the first time. 

May General Membership Meeting (May 17) – The in-person meeting has been cancelled. We’ll probably be replacing this with another Zoom meeting online, but the details have not been finalized yet. Details will come via email, so be sure you membership status is up to date. 
June Field Day (June 14) – This has been cancelled for 2020.
July General Membership Meeting (July 12) – No decision yet, but as of right now, I’d expect this will be cancelled. 
EAS Annual Conference – Orono, ME (Aug 3-7) – This has been cancelled for 2020.
The decision to cancel these events was made with a heavy heart, but the health of our membership is of paramount importance. I want to thank all of our dedicated board members, committee chairs, and other volunteers who have been working so hard over the past month to plan these events. I anxiously look forward to being able to meet again in person, whenever that may be.
I hope you’re all staying safe and sane. Here’s to another exciting season!
Scott Langlais