Announcing our September Meeting!

Don’t think of it so much as preparing the bees themselves to overwinter (which should already be well under way!), but all the other little chores and concerns at the end of the year. What do I do with these wet supers? Should I move this nuc into different equipment? Fall requeening, final inspections, and other housekeeping tasks to take us into winter.

Rhys Willette started as a Seasonal Apiary Inspector for MDAR in 2021.  She started beekeeping in 2016 as an intern for the Best Bees Company after graduating with an Environmental Science degree from Simmons University.  Rhys is passionate about working with beekeepers in their community and providing support through educational programs and presentations.
Jessica Glover is a seasonal Apiary Inspector for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts performing health inspection, testing and certification, educational instruction and community outreach for beekeepers across Massachusetts.