Extractor Rentals

One of the benefits of being a RIBA Member is the option to rent an extractor for a low fee of $10.00. Payment can be made in cash when you pick up the extractor, or online via PayPal (see below).

Please Take Note of the following conditions for renting a RIBA extractor:

  • You must be a member in good standing (dues paid)
    • Please refer to the membership page to become a member if you are not already
  • The rental period is 48 Hours
  • Payment (or proof of payment via a PayPal receipt) is expected when you pick up the extractor, not when you return it.
  • You can pay with cash when you pick up the extractor; OR bring a printout of your PayPal Receipt with you (see below to pay upfront via PayPal)
  • The Extractor must be returned CLEAN or an additional $30.00 will be assessed
    • CLEAN = the extractor must have been washed out with hot water (no soap), inside and out, before returning it to the extractor host. Upon return, extractor will be in quarantine for 72 hours before it will be lent out again

Please send an email that includes your address and phone number to the extractor host in your desired area to arrange a date/time for picking up the extractor:

Peace Dalechrisfaella@ymail.com or marthafaella@yahoo.com
West Warwickkkennedy2@gmail.com

To pay for the extractor rental up front, go to The Store to add the extractor rental to theĀ  Shopping Cart. Once you have added the rental, you may check out (pay) via the Shopping Cart. Don’t forget to bring a receipt with you when you pick up the extractor!