“Two Bee in A Podcast” – UF Honeybee Lab

“PolliNation” – Oregon State University Extension Service

Video Resources

Rhode Island Beekeepers Association – Official Channel

UoG Honeybee Research Centre – This is the University of Guelph with Paul Kelly. If you are interested in advancing to keeping hives in single deeps, this is a great resource.

“The University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre conducts research focused on honey bee health. Since 1894, the Centre has provided apiculture education. Today, the tradition continues through university and public courses, and demonstration activities for all levels of beekeeping. Following a very successful crowd funding campaign, we are very excited to introduce our series of “How-To”‘ beekeeping videos, which aim to aid beekeepers with a wide range of techniques from beginner to advanced skills.”

Devan Rawn Beekeeping – Devan keeps bees in Southern Ontario Canada. His techniques fall in line with Paul Kelly and the University of Guelph. He has 2 excellent videos for making splits without needed to find the queen. He does state that it is a 3 part series (beginner, moderate and advanced splitting techniques) but only the beginner and moderate are available.

Dyce Lab for Honeybee Studies – This is Cornell University’s outreach YouTube channel for beekeeping. Emma Kate Mullen (who also developed and administers the Master Beekeeping program) is the host for the majority of the videos. There are videos highlighting different aspects of beekeeping, like seasonal inspections, as well as current research.

UFhoneybeeLab – This is the University of Florida’s YouTube channel for beekeeping. Dr. Jamie Ellis is the host for most of these videos. This channel has a separate video for each of the pests that one may encounter.

“The University of Florida Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory (HBREL) serves beekeepers through research and education programs related to honey bee health, pest management, crop pollination, honey bee husbandry, and bee ecology. The videos that we post reflect those foci and are intended for beekeepers and bee enthusiasts around the world.”

The Norfolk Honey Company– While this beekeeper is in the UK this is still applicable in RI. This channel has videos that are color coded by the year to aid in searching. He does a very good series for beginners following inspections for the first year. He also provides “How to” videos for other techniques such processing products from the hive, making creamed honey, etc.

“Our YouTube channel is dedicated to all beekeepers new and old, we’ve found over the years that there’s always something to learn and sometimes you just can’t find the right person who is willing to share that knowledge with you. Look no further, every week we will be posting new “How To” video’s showing all aspects of beekeeping from the very basics such as how to use a hive tool, extracting honey right up to advanced queen rearing techniques, honey production methods such as the Dyce method, producing cut comb and so much more.”

Kelley Beekeeping – This is the YouTube channel for the Kelley Bees supply company. This channel has videos for installing your package or nuc as well as videos about some of their products.

NOD Apiary Products– This is the maker of MAQS, Formic Acid and the Bee Cozy. Their videos give you the instructions for using each of the products.

Mann Lake Ltd.– This is a beekeeping supply company. They have videos on package installation as well as how to use some of their products like the Varroa Easy check and a one handed queen catcher.

Dadantbeekeeping  – A beekeeping supply company with basic beekeeping videos including how to make sugar syrup, first inspections after installing a package and starting your smoker.


Cedar Lane Apiaries
Wood’s Bees
Eastern Apiculture Society
American Bee Journal
Northeast Organic Farming Association of RI
Honey Bee Health Coalition
Cornell CALS Pollinator & Beekeeping Resources
University of Guelph Honey Bee Research Centre
University of Florida IFAS Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab