DUES FREEZE FOR 2022:   January 1, 2022 is the beginning of the membership year.  RIBA has decided to put a continue with a freeze on collecting dues for the year to help those affected by COVID. All current members have been marked as paid up until Jan 1, 2023. This does not affect anyone who was granted membership as part of their 2022 Beginner Bee School tuition.

RIBA will still accept voluntary payments if you wish to make them (with gratitude)

Membership Fee $15 includes all members of the household at the same address for year ending 12/31/2022.  You may add a second email address for the mailing list too. Please send an email to with your name, address & telephone number.  



Extractor Rental $10

Please Take Note
of the following conditions for renting the extractor:
    • You must be a current member in good standing
      • If you are not already a member, see above to join
    • The rental period is  48 hours.
    • Bring a printout of your PayPal receipt with you, or you may pay in person.
    • Payment is expected when you pick up the extractor, not when you return it.
    • Extractor must be returned CLEAN or an additional $30 will be assessed.  Clean = the extractor must have been washed out with hot water (no soap), inside and out, before returning it to the extractor host. Upon return, extractor will be in quarantine for 72 hours before it will be lent out again.  Please do not put your host in the position of having to clean the extractor for you.
Please send an email that includes your phone number to the extractor host in your desired area to arrange a date/time for picking up the extractor:
Peace or
If you wish to pay up front via PayPal, please click the link to add the rental to the Shopping Cart.


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