About Us

The Rhode Island Beekeepers Association was founded in 1917 by A.C. Miller. Miller’s enthusiasm for bees was irrepressible, and he was blessed with a boundless curiosity and sharp observational skills. He served as the state’s apiary inspector, wrote a pair of USDA publications on beekeeping, and was a prolific contributor to the American Bee Journal, Gleanings in Bee Culture, and The American Beekeeper. He was keen to raise the quality of beekeeping in RI through education and we continue to follow his example today. Though our history is long, we are not bound by it; we honor tradition, but always remain open to new innovations, techniques, and viewpoints.

RIBA actively supports beekeeping in Rhode Island. Our objectives are stated in our bylaws:

2.1 To promote education about bees and best practices of beekeeping for new and established beekeepers.

2.2 To support and facilitate cooperative relationships among all persons interested in beekeeping.

 2.3 To participate in the education of the general public about the value of honey bees and beekeeping for the environment and our food supply.

 2.4 To network and affiliate with allied groups and individuals to advance the goals of healthier bees and better beekeeping.

We provide training of new beekeepers through our winter bee school, as well as through our monthly meetings, annual Field Day, and other events throughout the year. Our members regularly offer presentations to the public and are frequently sought as guest speakers for schools, libraries, garden clubs, and local fairs. We often serve as advisors for the press and local government in matters affecting bees and native pollinators.

Honey bees are an integral part of American agriculture, and we are proud of our role in providing healthy food to Rhode Island’s families, both through the pollination of local crops as well as the production of honey.