Swarm Rescue

Before proceeding, please note that swarm rescue is
entirely at the risk of the parties involved.

By engaging anyone from the swarm list, or by requesting that you be included on the list, you are agreeing to indemnify the RI Beekeepers Association for any claims that might arise from anything you might do in connection with a swarm rescue.

Some members of RIBA are available to help anyone else in catching and hiving honeybee swarms.

Please note that the members whose names are on the swarm list have asked to be included. While the list is maintained by RIBA as a service to the community, including local police and fire departments, pest management companies, and to help non-members become familiar and comfortable with bees and beekeeping,  RIBA does not  recommend or endorse any particular person for any particular job, or for the swarm rescue in general.

RIBA Members included on this list have met the following three criteria as per RIBA Policy:

  1. They have been a RIBA member in good standing for at least two years;
  2. They have kept bees for at least two years;
  3. They have some experience catching swarms.

If you wish to be included on the swarm list, please reference the three criteria above, then send your request to the RI Beekeepers Association, PO Box 61, East Greenwich, Rhode Island, 02818.  Any complaints brought against any member on the swarm list will be reviewed by the Executive Board, which shall have the authority to suspend said member from the Swarm List for up to 2 years.