Swarm Rescue

Not sure what you’ve got?  Is it a BEE or  Not a BEE ?  

Some members of RIBA are available to help anyone else in catching and hiving honeybee swarms. To be on this list you MUST be a member in good standing, and also have kept bees, for at least two years. We also suggest you have some experience catching swarms. If you’d like to be added to the list, please send your preferred contact information to RIBA at

    RI Beekeepers Association, PO Box 1055, Bristol, RI 02809

The members whose names are on this list have asked to be included on it. This list is maintained by RIBA as  a service to the community including local police and fire departments, pest management companies, and to help non-members become familiar and comfortable with bees and beekeeping. We don’t recommend or endorse any particular person for any particular job or for the swarm rescue in general.

Swarm rescue is entirely at the risk of the parties involved. By engaging anyone from this list, or by requesting that you be included on this list, you are agreeing to indemnify the Association for any claims that might arise from anything you might do in connection with a swarm rescue.
BarringtonDane Pursley401-862-3121freerangebeecompany@gmail.com
BarringtonJake White401-935-4487
BurrillivilleBetty Mencucci401-568-8449 or 401-500-0433
BristolLiying Peng401-569-8869
East ProvidenceJane Dennison401-374-9105
JohnstonKeith Salisbury401-830-3613pkbees@verizon.net
LincolnPaul Whewell401-724-9679
Newport, Middletown, CharlestownNate Godfrey401-225-0518
North ProvidenceEd Lafferty401-261-9641
North ProvidenceMelinda Coletta401-992-4233
North SmithfieldJohn Moore401-766-3666 or 401-641-4656
PortsmouthPat Brineger401-683-9967
ProvidenceCindy Holt*401-595-6668holtcindy@gmail.com
ScituateBob Barnes401-934-2248bbarnes5@cox.net
SmithfieldChuck Wood *401-935-5414
South KingstownBob Weinreich401-741-4112 or 401-789-3761
South KingstownRoxann Kasper401-284-2210 or 401-935-7948
WakefieldStephen Burke401-226-6760
WakefieldJeff McGuire401-741-7672
WarwickRoger Robitaille *401-732-6599 or 401-378-3578
West GreenwichMike Nolin401-837-6440 or 401-397-4595
WoonsocketJohn Nelson *(401) 649-8152bbnelsonapiaries@gmail.com
WoonsocketNormand Péloquin401-765-8424 or 401-374-1608
* If you need someone to cut bees out of a building or a tree trunk, the people
with * (asterisk) after their names have indicated a willingness to undertake that kind of work.